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Jul 13, 2021

In July and August on Woven, we are talking all things "play". For our July episode, we discuss our own barriers to play and the areas where we'd like to become more playful. We also challenge each other to do something playful over the next month.

To enhance our discussion, we also talk to Courtney Ellis, the author of Happy Now: Let Playfulness Lift Your Load and Renew Your Spirit. We talk with her about why it's so hard for adults, even Christian adults to play. We also discuss that Jesus cares about our play, and how playfulness can even be a spiritual discipline. She also shares with us some practical ways to boost play and joy in our everyday lives. Come back in August to hear the 2nd half of the interview!

If, after listening to this episode, you want to join us in our play challenge, please hop over to IG and let us know!

To learn more about Courtney and her ministry visit her at Her new book, Happy Now, releases on August 1. You can find it wherever books are sold! Pre-order today!

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