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Jul 21, 2020

This week we conclude our series we've called "Just Keep Swimming". We all find ourselves in the precarious, messy middle of this crazy year- 2020. Many of us find ourselves burned out, depressed, anxious, and uncertain about our future. We know we're called to push through despite all these emotions, but how? How do we remain faithful to Jesus when we can barely wake up and face a new day of social distancing? How do we find time for rest when we have to be constantly vigilant and entertaining to our children? How do we not burn out as we are being called to be consistent activists for social justice? Our prayer is that we can answer some of these questions and more in this series.

Today, Jen Young joins us to discuss sustainable activism. Not only are we in the middle of a global pandemic, we also find ourselves in the middle of a time where injustices have finally been brought to the surface. Many of us have joined the call to be activists and allies on many fronts. We here at Woven affirm those calls, but we also want to provide resources on how sustain quality activism that doesn't lead us to burn out. How can we incrementally create change, while not giving up and fizzling out? How can we join causes and fight for justice without our push being a flash in the pan? How can we rest and rejuvenate in order to continue soldiering on? How do we approach social media in a way that brings awareness with authenticity? All of these are hard questions, and we are thankful for Jen's wisdom in helping us find some of the answers.

Jen has a lot of experience in the area of sustainable activism. She is the executive director of Impact 46, a faith-based nonprofit in Lawrenceville, GA that builds partnerships with a purpose to transform Lawrenceville into a thriving place with thriving people. To learn more about Impact 46, visit the website linked above, or follow them on these social media platforms:

Facebook- @impact30046

Instagram- @impact46_inc 

YouTube- @impact46, Inc.

Resource Mentioned:

Sacred Pathways