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Nov 24, 2020

The Advent season is upon us! This year we are doing a 4-part series on the history behind some of our most beloved Christmas hymns. We'll learn about the people who wrote them, the stories behind the lyrics, and why we still sing them today. We'll also talk about our favorite versions of each song, and share some of our favorite Christmas albums. We know there is a lot about this year that will make the Advent season different than years past, but music is something that can remain timeless and untouched by the world around us. We pray this series will be a light in the darkness for you as you celebrate the season. 

Our first song is O Come, O Come Emmanuel. We are grateful to Erin Freeman, friend of the show and faithful Patron, for singing each song of the series for us on our episodes. Thank you, Erin for sharing your beautiful gift with us and our listeners!

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