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Sep 10, 2019

This week we continue in our marriage series, Yoked, by discussing the oh so popular topic- the Enneagram. To help us work through how the Enneagram plays out in our marriages, we invited Beth McCord to join us.

Beth is an enneagram author, speaker, and coach. She is the founder and lead content creator of Your Enneagram Coach, a community designed to be a safe place for individuals to explore the Enneagram. With years of experience and a passion for coming alongside individuals, couples, and groups, Beth is leading the way in simplifying the deep truths of the Enneagram from a Biblical perspective. Her mission is to make personal awareness and growth accessible for everyone, anywhere, so they can experience health and transformation in every area of their lives.   

Beth and her husband Jeff are releasing a book on the Enneagram in marriage entitled Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage on October 1. Pre-order wherever books are sold. They also host live events and provide marriage courses specifically designed for each Enneagram couple paring. To learn more, visit

For more information on the Enneagram in general, visit Beth at Your Enneagram Coach, and follow her on IG and FB at the same name.

We are grateful for Beth's time and wisdom!