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Jan 12, 2021

Welcome to Woven Season 6! This season we are changing up our format a bit. We will release one long form, segmented episode a month on public channels, and one monthly unedited episode on Patreon. This new talk show-like format will include a devotional, an interview, recommendations, a recipe and a practical exercise segment all centered around one monthly theme. 

This month our theme is Reading: A Love Story. Instead of interviewing a guest, we interview each other on our reading journey, why we love to read, and how our reading lives have evolved over time. We also share our favorite reads from 2020, and what we're looking forward to reading in 2021. Rebecca Cochran also shares a recipe for a fun reading snack, and we talk about some practical ways we can all grow in our reading discipline. 

Books Mentioned:

Learning to Walk in the Dark

The Body

The Hidden Life of Trees

The Taste of Country Cooking

What Kind of Woman

Reading While Black


Compassion and Conviction

Team of Rivals

Jane Eyre

Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent

The Daily Bible

Ten Words to Live By

The Vanishing Half

The Evening and The Morning

Transcendent Kingdom

The Good Neighbor

Brave New World

Quest Study Bible

God's Pursuit of Man

David Lebovitz's Mixed Nuts Recipe

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