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Jan 15, 2019

Our next guest in our Hard Stuff series is Adriel Booker. Adriel came on Woven to discuss grief in the areas of Infertility, Miscarriage and Infant Loss. She is the author of Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope After Miscarriage and Loss

Adriel Booker is a speaker, advocate, storyteller, and community builder. For nearly twenty years she’s given her life to help people discover the intersection of God’s goodness, their God-given identity, and how they’re uniquely wired to love their neighbor well.

In 2011 Adriel founded the Love A Mama Collective—a grassroots movement of women committed to strengthening maternal health in the developing world through clean birth kits and other community development initiatives where access to health care is scarce. To date the Collective has raised 20,000 clean birth kits, funded midwifery scholarships, and resourced dozens of rural health outposts and village birth attendants through their annual Mother’s Day drives.

Together with her husband and three sons, Adriel lives in Sydney, Australia where she co-leads a non-profit and enjoys her life-long dream of living in a city by the sea. In her free time she can be found browsing used record and book stores, rearranging furniture, or day dreaming of 9:00am sleep-ins and lazy days camping in their vintage caravan at the beach.