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Aug 7, 2018

This week we conclude our Stewardship series with a discussion on how to steward the constant barrage of information coming at us from all ends 24/7. Social media, technology, the 24 hour news cycle, etc. are not going anywhere. In and of themselves, they are not evil and can have very positive attributes. But, we all need to learn how to steward our access to media through proper boundaries. 

To help us navigate this increasingly difficult topic, we've asked our dear friend Dr. Angela Schaffner to join us again. Dr. Angela Schaffner is a licensed counseling psychologist and eating disorders specialist with over 12 years of experience at Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders. She earned her doctorate from Ball State University in Indiana and did her pre-doctoral internship at Emory University Counseling Center. She's also an adjunct professor in Mercer University’s Clinical Medical Psychology program. She has published articles in professional journals such as Eating Disorders: Journal of Treatment and Prevention, and presented at national conferences on topics related to eating disorder treatment, health, and faith.

Angela discusses with us how to identify unhealthy patterns of media use and how we can put boundaries in place so we can learn how to not eliminate media usage but have a healthy relationship with technology and information.


Center on Media and Child Health

Angela's Guide to Media Consumption: