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Mar 16, 2021

As we inch into spring, towards Easter, and slowly out of the COVID crisis, we talk about what we've learned in the past year and what it looks like to add things back into our lives after much has been stripped away. What does it mean to begin again?

We also interview home designer, Shannon Acheson, about her new book Home Made Lovely. Many of us during this pandemic have spent time reexamining our homes, because we've spent more time in them than ever. We've learned what it means to make a house a home, and how we can make our homes work better for our families. Also, as we move out of the pandemic, we get to reexamine how we practice hospitality in our homes. We talk about all of this and more with Shannon. 

In our last segment we talk charcuterie, Tim Keller's new book on Easter, and more.


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