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Jun 11, 2019

Over the next three weeks, for our Spiritual Practices series, we will discuss 3 practices- contemplation, the prayer of examen and lectio divina. Each week we will use one episode to introduce the topic and in the other episode, a guest will lead us through the specific practice we've discussed. The purpose of separating the episodes are so that, if you are interested, you could go back and re-listen to the practice over and over as a resource. 

This week we discuss the practice of contemplation and more specifically, how to use affirmations or promises to aid us in contemplating God's love for us. Dr. Angela Schaffner returns to discuss affirmations and to lead us through some specific contemplative affirmations. 


Angela's Affirmations

God created me just like God created the earth, moon, stars, and sea.

God breathes life into me when I feel like it’s difficult to find my next breath.

God created me in the divine image, capable of being both loving and powerful.

God saw me and knew who I would become even before I was born.

God knows my words before I say them, and God is attentive to even the minute details of me and my life.

God took great care in making me. I am God’s precious creation.

God has entrusted me with authority.

I’m not perfect and God knows it.

Even though I’ve fallen short, gotten distracted, and turned away repeatedly, God loves me.

God sees the eternal picture and offers it to me when I am stuck in a mindset that only sees what is right in front of me.

Grace is greater than the discrepancy between who I am and who I want to be.

My belief in God is a powerful source of belonging.

God is the perfect parent, both warm and strong, always present to guide me.

My regrets can be left by the wayside, because every day is new in my walk with God.

God doesn’t criticize me the way I criticize myself.

When I see my efforts as hopelessly falling short of God’s intentions for my life, God sees beyond my efforts. God sees me, already forgiven and already cleansed from my worst moments.

I am insecure sometimes, but I can return to the security I find in God, moment by moment.

My worst personal decisions, my worst parenting decisions, my worst career decisions- none of it can separate me from God’s love.

No one’s lack of kindness or hurtful behaviors can remove me from God’s secure embrace. I can always find rest in the shelter of God’s wings.

While people may leave me or fail to meet my emotional needs, God remains present and is always only a prayer away.

In God, I belong to a body of believers, my family of faith.

Christ is in me, and I am in him. We remain in one another always.

When I come to Jesus in prayer, I find life.

The Spirit shows me what I need to know moment to moment, helps me do what I need to do, and empowers me to do amazing work.

God transforms me into someone more true and authentic day by day.

In the end, I will find ultimate fulfillment and I will be complete. Everything will become clear.

God allows tears, and Jesus himself wept. God also lovingly addresses my sadness and wipes the tears away when I am ready.

God wants me to partake in a guilt-free feast with food and quality wine.

Living in God’s kingdom means living in eternal fullness of rest, joy, and pleasures.

I am light, and I can walk as a living light when the darkness of pain surrounds me.

I am a saint, a servant, a steward, and a soldier.

I am working as a witness of God’s love.

I have already overcome a lot, and I have a good future.

Jesus wants me to communicate a uniquely valuable message to the world that only I can bring to it.