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Aug 14, 2018

This week's episode kicks off our "Middle" Series. This series will explore what it means to live in the "middle", not the extremes, when it comes to finding balance in our daily lives, living out our calling and surrendering control. Our first guest, Sandy Cooper, is here with us as we discuss what it means to find balance in our daily lives. 

Sandy has been studying and teaching balance for nearly two decades, writing on the Internet since 2008, and blogging about balance since 2012. She is also the Leader of Women’s Ministry at New Life Church in Louisville, a Bible study teacher, and authorSandy writes over on her personal blog at and she's recently written a Bible study entitled, Finding Your Balance.

This conversation really hit home for us and we pray that each of you will find it encouraging as well.

*If you're interested in discovering your "Busyness Personality", visit the link below. It will help you uncover the root of your busyness issues so you can take tangible steps to becoming less busy and more balanced.