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Jul 31, 2018

This week we welcome Stephanie Giddens to Woven as we continue along in our Stewardship series. Stephanie is the founder and president of Vickery Trading Co., a non-profit online retailer that sells clothing made by refugee woman in Dallas. The women are paid fairly and offered training, as well as mentoring, educational programs, counseling and job placement services. 

Unfortunately, this type of situation is rare for the majority of those who make our clothing and consumer goods worldwide. On today's episode, we talk with Stephanie about the realities of the current state of our clothing and consumer goods, as well as her own journey from being a traditional shopper to now supporting ethical fashion practices. We define what ethical fashion means, how it's actually pretty approachable and affordable if you put a little thought into it, and discuss why we should all care about this topic. The current abundance of cheaply made clothing is something we need some guidance with in order to steward well, and we hope this episode will do just that. 
Links mentioned: 
Vickery Trading Co. (15% off for Woven listeners with code WOVEN15)
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